This programme comes from having established a clinical co-operation with Instituto Bernabeu in Alicante (Spain).

We believe this centre meets our clinical and patient care standards and we are delighted to work with them in giving you a better chance of having a family.
Total Price: €7600

  • Includes all the preliminary investigations and monitoring scans that are done in Dublin at Femplus Clinic.
  • You will need to travel to Spain only for the final part of the treatment.
  • All parts of IVF are  included  (icsi if needed and blastocyst culture)
  • An exclusive donor is assigned to you ( no egg sharing) and donation is anonymous.
  • A minimum number of 8 eggs at retrieval is guaranteed.
  • Only fresh eggs (not frozen) are used.

Visit Instituto Bernabeu for more information

Call: (01) 821 0999 or

Call: (01) 821 0999 or email: