ART Treatments

Multiple clinics offer ART treatments using “fresh” (non-frozen) donor eggs. In these clinics, the reproductive cycles of both donor and recipient are synced and eggs are retrieved and used right away. There‚Äôs another choice of embryo donation as a family-building option but this isn’t as common as egg donation and egg donation is relatively convenient and more fertile. Egg donation is a possible option for a wide range of aspirants.

Donor eggs are a successful fertility treatment for women who are older than 40 or are unable to get pregnant with their own eggs as the donor eggs can help them conceive and deliver a baby. For Fertility problems in both partners, recurrent miscarriages and in cases where there is risk of transmission of genetic diseases, donor eggs are a great prospect of conception.

Egg Donation Conception

The pre-requisites for opting egg donation as a conception method is to find an appropriate donor, getting counseled thoroughly of the procedure and adopting a legal route. Two phases are involved in a typical egg donation process. During first phase eggs are produced with the help of ovarian hyperstimulation process which involves receiving a series of hormonal drugs by the donor that causes the ovaries to produce multiple mature eggs during one menstrual cycle. Egg retrieval marks the second phase during which mature eggs are removed from the donor through a surgical procedure ultrasound guided aspiration using transvaginal approach.