Egg Donation, An Option For Becoming A Single Mother

Many women choose to be single mothers, and usually they make this decision when they are over 35 years old. This is when the ovarian reserve starts to decline to half and problems with conception may arise. Because of that women face a further challenge in starting their family due to reduced egg quality. One solution could be to turn to egg donation, a technique in assisted reproduction that offers better chances of pregnancy, together with sperm donation.


During the journey of single motherhood, support and care is always crucial. Instituto Bernabeu has extensive experience in caring for women who have decided to start a family without a partner. It is a leading European centre for egg donation, with a large donor database since beginning in 1992.


Becoming a single mother is not an easy decision, and opting for egg donation makes it an even bigger step to take. It is a situation that requires maturity and thought. With this in mind Instituto Bernabeu always offers patients extra peace of mind taking care of the donor selection and treatment, in order for the process to proceed in the best way possible.


In order to ensure the best match and security, the clinic conducts a psychological, clinical and genetic evaluation of the donors, as well as a screening for the 10 most common sexually transmitted diseases.



Egg donation treatment does not require ovarian stimulation or injections for the future mother, and there is a lower risk of miscarriage due to chromosomal alterations that could be tied to a patient’s age. The sperm donor also goes through extensive testing, to complete a treatment in the best conditions possible.


Instituto Bernabeu strives for singleton pregnancies, avoiding twin pregnancies and their potential complications for the health of the mother and future child.