Egg Donation: An Alternative Option To Become A Mother

In recent years, assisted reproduction techniques have advanced in a very efficient way. Therefore, a woman who is unable to conceive with her own eggs, whether due to age or other causes, can rely on other alternatives to become a mother.


In these cases, one of the most in-demand treatments is egg donation, a very efficient alternative choice to become a mother. Thanks to the solidarity of the egg donors, many women can achieve their dream. In Spain, this practice is regulated since 1998 and it is performed in a controlled and anonymous way, as it has been done at Instituto Bernabeu for more than 20 years. In addition, Spain is among the first countries in terms of egg donation, perfecting this technique day after day.


As this is a very important decision to make for any woman or couple, you should be in a clinic with trusted expertise, who will accompany you in every step. Instituto Bernabeu developed a very comprehensive selection protocol for egg donors, which includes a complete personal and family clinical history and also a comprehensive  medical examination.


On the other hand the patient who wants to become a recipient will receive the most suitable eggs from young women, based on features such as her race, her blood type and her physical characteristics.


Therefore, this alternative option to become a mother has a high pregnancy rate. At Instituto Bernabeu, the rate goes up to 95% and, furthermore, the egg donation records a very low incidence of miscarriage due to the good quality of the donated eggs.

Usually there are no waiting times and each recipient patient is assigned exclusively a donor, ensuring a high quality of donated eggs with mean number of 11 eggs for each cycle.


Other features of the egg donation program at Instituto Bernabeu are the young age of egg donors (mean age 25 years).

This is a very important factor in determining good quality embryos. Around 70% of embryos will reach the blastocyst stage. Additionally, any surplus good quality embryos will be suitable for freezing.


The procedure with this assisted reproduction technique is simple and begins with synchronizing the ovarian stimulation of the donor with the preparation of the recipient’s uterus, who only has to take estrogen orally or transdermally for between 18 and 30 days.


Instituto Bernabeu is a which is a European referral clinic for egg donation and  has extensive experience in this alternative option to motherhood.