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Egg Donation

Egg donation is a form of IVF in which a younger person eggs are fertilised with your partner sperm to produce an embryo. The embryo is then implanted in your uterus and you will hopefully carry on with a normal pregnancy.

This process is used when patients are over a certain age and therefore do not have a sufficient number of viable eggs or when a patient is diagnosed with premature menopause.

It is usually carried out outside Ireland and many clinics like Femplus will have a special relationship with a clinic abroad to support you in this journey.

While the medical process is quite straightforward there are a lot of other things you need to consider. For example how do you feel about the fact that your child will not carry your genes? And what are you going to tell your family? For these reasons if you are considering the process we would normally advise to get some counselling to explore all these issues.

If you want more information book in for a consultation to discuss the process.


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This is an Egg Donation question that is usually asked generally at the end of your egg donation cycle when patients are confused and stressed. It is a very important question and you should have your mind made up well in advance. Luckily it is a topic on which scientific evidence is pretty clear. The evidence shows that success rates are not increased when transferring two instead of a single embryos.

Transferring two embryos increases the risk of twin pregnancies which have many more complications for mother and babies.

There is also some evidence now that adding embryos of poor quality together with a better quality embryo might reduce the chance of implantation for the good embryo.

The best advise is to aim for transfer of a single good quality embryo.

If you want more information book in for a consultation here or at Femplus Clinic to discuss the process.


Egg donation treatment is required when ovarian reserve is depleted. If you had this diagnosis you have probably been referred abroad as availability of egg donors is scarce in Ireland.


Choosing a clinic abroad can be a minefield so at Femplus Clinic we have developed a satellite programme that we are very proud of.

If you are doing your own research here are some tips to help you.

  • Look for hidden costs in satellite packages. Some clinics that offer support before you travel do not include investigations or all the scans in their packages. All these costs can add up quite a lot.
  • Investigate travel and flights. Some countries might seem to offer an attractive price but they might not be so easy to travel to. Flights might be infrequent or much more expensive than other countries.
  • Look at what is included in the treatment. Are there extra costs for culturing embryos for longer?
  • The day of embryo transfer is very important to increase success rates.
  • Is the clinic offering extra medications. Sometimes patients think that adding extra medications will improve their chances. In actual fact many medications recommended by some clinics have not been proven to be beneficial at all and might be harmful.
  • Ethical and medical guidelines are not the same in every country.  Some regulations are more stringent in some countries but there are benefits for your safety if that is the situation. Make sure you investigate which International accreditation does the clinic have.
  • If all this information sounds obscure to you maybe you should get a medical opinion to help you make your choice.

If you have any other queries at all, do not hesitate to contact us!